Monday, December 14, 2015

For a smooth transition in serving your horse the new organic, preservative & dye free hay

For a smooth transition in serving your horse the new organic, preservative & dye free hay, we suggest a 30-90 day process whenever possible. Adding 25% new hay 1st week with 75% current hay. 2nd week mix in 50% new hay with 50% current hay. 3rd week mix in 75% new hay with 25% current hay. 4th week & after serve 100% new hay. Congratulations!

Depending on the overall health & immune system of your horse, when switching your horse over to new hay, it is predictable that the microbes in the stomach of the horse can react, or “act-up”. This is typically caused by two things. First, the hay is different and second, the parasites (worms) are different. The more different the hay is, the bigger the reaction. The more different the parasites are, the more possible weight loss. Some horses may experience a detoxification process. This does not mean that the hay is not good. In fact, a horse might get a negative reaction and push away hay that is actually twice as healthy as his/her current hay. Keep it in front of them and force the change. They will get hungry enough, soon enough.

Some horses will be fine on shorter transition time, other sensitive horse might take a little longer. In either case, the parasites will usually be a new variety and will be one that the horse is not yet immune to. At this time you may see some weight loss. Therefore, please be generous with the hay because you are also feeding the parasites. Somewhere between 30 and 45 days, it would be a good idea to deworm your horse with something organic like Omni Guard ( http://www.theholistichorse. com/shop/all-natural-wormers-horses/omni-wormguard-plus/ )

For those seeking more resources on natural chemical free, deworming options & methods, please see these links. ~ Wonderful information.~ archive/volume2/issue2/ article_10.php

Be careful to watch the annual worming schedule as parasites are active at different times of the year. This process will take about 90 days. Many times a feed store will stock wormer that is from the last season, until it is sold out. You can find a schedule and variety of the traditional wormers, here; wormerrotation.html

You should see a good result after that first worming and even a better result after the second. It may take a year before your horse becomes immune to the parasites of our hay. After that, if you stay with our hay, you should be able to use far less wormer, because we are purposely shipping the same hay to the same distribution points in California. Most California feed stores buy from dealers or brokers and there is no proof that the hay comes from the same farm. I worm my horses only once a year because I feed them from the same farm, consistently.

If you have any questions, I can always be reached at .

Thank you for all your patience & dedication in improving your horse's health, by selecting organic, preservative & dye free hay! Thank you for letting us know in advance when we can delivery your next order.

Tom Heshion

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  1. I have my horses checked for worms yearly of more often if I felt it necessary. They have never showed positive. I will check them more often initially when changing there hay. Given there are only two horses I don't have to do a worming because.